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     BridgeLoanPro Software, was created by Lee O'Donnell to assist brokers in placing loans or marketing investment properties with the appropriate lenders. As a Senior Commercial Loan Officer with over 25 years of commercial real estate lending and acquisitions, Lee's mission is to streamline the analysis and underwriting process to optimize it for each of the commercial real estate property types. Lee's concepts derive from experience as a commercial loan officer with Commercial Banks, Thrift & Loans, REIT-CMBS and Private Money Lenders. Lee's experience includes several years and several hundred transactions in structured finance (Bank type Bridge Loans). BridgeLoanPro's rule of thumb is based on the 80/20 theory that 80% of the decision making is made with 20% of the information. BridgeLoanPro utilizes the critical 20% information for each specific property type so you are guided to the basic analysis. BridgeLoanPro is suitable for conventional financing, bridge loans and investor acquisitions to measure return on equity and cash on cash return. If you have any questions, or would like a demo customized to suit your specific property types with active market listings, please contact us.

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